We only trade inventory that has been imported through official channels and certified to meet strict EU safety standards. This means that any import duties due have been paid and the warranty is guaranteed through the manufacturer's authorized European engineers (with whom we work directly).

There are retailers shipping goods from outside the EU to customers in Ireland, many of which appear to be based in the UK. If you purchase products from these sources, you should be aware of the risks associated with purchasing "grey imports." Gray imports are products that are imported outside the normal distribution channels of Europe, usually from the United States and Asia, and are either shipped directly to specific customers or imported in bulk for resale.
The potential pitfalls of buying a Grey Import

There are several potential drawbacks with buying a Grey Import:

In virtually all cases the manufacturer will not support the standard warranty
A grey import would not qualify for any additional warranty period offered by some manufacturers upon registration of the equipment.
As they are not designed to be sold within Europe a grey import may:

have a charger incompatible with Irish 230V electrical supply
not have proper english instruction manuals or software disk
not have an Irish three pin plug
A grey import will not be eligible for any cashback or other promotions that are run by the manufacturers or official distributors.
Sometimes manufacturers will not undertake chargeable repairs on grey imports at their official repair centres
You can be liable for import duty and VAT on your purchase if shipped directly to you
Some online grey-import retailers may leave you liable, and out of pocket, if the parcel goes missing in transit
It will be more difficult, and perhaps impossible, to return an item which has a problem.
You will not be protected by the "cooling off period" of 14 days allowed for under EU law.


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